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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Angels and Demons, Emmanuel and Lucifer

In the one corner is Jesus and his angel Emmanuel, the Holy Ghost, the Christ and in the other corner is Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Amadeus, Mephistopheles and the other host of satanic forces. The battle ground is earth, the price is the souls of mankind. The account is given that when the angel Michael drove Satan and the fallen angels out of heaven, these demons took habitation on earth. They then began to take possession of the bodies of mankind inflicting them with insanity, diseases, misery, and the pains of hell.

So to curb the works of Satan on Earth, God sent a Messiah by the name Jesus, who came along with a mighty angel known as Emmanuel, the Christ of the God YHVH. Jesus had the power of the Holy Ghost upon him to drive out the demons of satan that have taken possession of the human souls. Through the Holy Ghost he healed those inflicted by satan, through the Holy Ghost he raised the dead, through the Holy Ghost he banished demons out of the body of men and women possessed by satanic forces.

The earth is vast and wide with a population of billions of people on the planet. But by the example of Jesus as set forth in the bible, we are encouraged to know that he who calls on the angel of Jesus, Holy Emmanuel, when if afflicted by disease caused by Satan, Emmanuel as the Holy Ghost will come to their rescue.

Angels are unique by the power and authority given to them by the Elohim to perform various tasks. The angel Emmanuel is a unique angel of a special characteristic that Jesus sacrificed himself for this Holy Ghost to abide with humanity to save them from the evil works of satan. For it is better to have an angel and a god in your corner than to have a god without an angel. He who claims to have a God or a god in their corner ask them for the name of their angel. For in the final showdown, it takes an angel to battle an angel, but a god does not fight with an angel.
It is the demons that cause diseases that science cannot find a cure for; and it takes an angel to thwart a demon. The angel that has proofed to able to thwart the works of satan on earth is the angel Emmanuel, the Christ of the God YHVH through the Messiah Jesus.

Angels have specialized duties and demons have unique roles and functions as well. To know the power, functions, and capabilities of an angel is to know who to turn to for specific needs. The angel Michael is a powerful angel of war, but he does not exorcise demons or heal, but can fight and drive away demons on the spiritual plain. The angel Gabriel is the sovereign regent of the Elohim, messenger of communications, writings, and grants knowledge and wisdom of God, but he does not fight against demons that have possessed a human being. The angel Raphael provides knowledge of healing in science and in medicine but does not exorcise demons of the flesh. The angels of the four elements have their specific functions to effect and bring about results through the four elements and govern the four elementals but their functions are limited to the elements.

The Holy angels are not granted the power, neither are they allowed to possess human beings for any reason; whereas the demons have the power to possess a human being. It seems that so far the angel Emmanuel is one of the Holy angels with the power to possess a human being in order to heal that person or drive away a demon out of the body. This unique power given to the angel Emmanuel is vital to all spiritual practitioners, whether the person is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew.

Angels are independent forces that serve whoever calls them the right way, regardless of what the person’s religious beliefs are, regardless of the gender and age of the person. An angel is a like a weapon that can be fired by anyone holding the weapon. Whether the person is of Judaism, Christianity, Catholic, Evangelic, Buddhist, Islam, Apostolic, Methodist, Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian, Orthodox Christian or whatever a person’s religious beliefs are. Make use of the angel Emmanuel, for you have seen the examples of the apostles and that of Jesus through the works of the Holy Ghost.

Example of a prayer: In the name of the God YAHOVAH, may the Holy angel Emmanuel heal all those inflicted by the swine flu disease, just as Jesus cast out the demons into the swine.
I will re-organize the trinity of Christianity as God the father is YHVH, God the son is the angel Emmanuel, the prophet as Messiah is Jesus. For as mentioned in the SEVEN HEBREW GODS, the father of the angels is the God YHVH, the Holy Ghost who is the Christ is the angel EMMANUEL, the chosen prophet is Jesus. To elevate Jesus to the status of son of God is where Judaism, Islam, and many religions disagree with Christianity. This point of view is rather leading to many disbelievers in God, creating more atheists.

Many human beings do not, and will not accept another human being as their God and will not bow and worship a man as God. It was Paul that had the need to elevate Jesus to the status of God in other to convince the Greeks at that time to accept the gospels. The Greeks in that era had no respect for prophets or man unless that person is a god. Paul in order to override the gods of the Greeks in order for the gentiles to accept the gospel of Jesus had to elevate Jesus to the status of God.

But as we move forward into many centuries ahead, the idea of Jesus as God is creating more atheists, leading people away from God rather than drawing them closer to God. Science and technology have done greater things than many of the prophets of the past. Man may challenge the works of another man, but man cannot compare himself to the creator of the universe. With a movie like the Da Vinci Code which has stimulated the thoughts of many people, Christians have a safer ground to acknowledge Jesus as a prophet than to keep preaching that he is God. Now there is even possible evidence that the shroud of Turin was drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. These arguments are weakening the Church leading to many disbelievers in God. In the name of God the father YHVH, in the name of God the son Emmanuel, and in the name of the Messiah Jesus. Amen

Ken Nunoo